Reliance 360 Ltd: Empowering Businesses with Ethical Financial Solutions in Nigeria

Reliance 360 Ltd is a dynamic company incorporated in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2021. It operates as the business brand for Reliance Cooperative Society Ltd, a leading non-interest financing cooperative society that has been making significant strides since its establishment in 2017. With over 700 members, Reliance 360 Ltd is dedicated to providing ethical and sustainable financial solutions based on Islamic principles. The company’s core mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to achieve their financial goals while promoting social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Our Vision: Empowering Businesses for a Stronger Economy

At Reliance 360 Ltd, we strive to empower businesses, foster a more sustainable economy, and reduce unemployment through job creation and human capacity building. We believe that by supporting businesses and providing them with the necessary financial resources, we can contribute to a stronger and more prosperous society.

Mission: Ethical Financial Solutions and Empowerment

Our mission revolves around offering ethical financial solutions and empowering individuals and businesses. We are committed to providing financial services that adhere to Islamic principles while also fostering financial inclusion. Our range of services includes asset management, loan facilitation, transportation and fleet management, oil and gas financial consultation, agriculture support, and real estate financing.

Asset Management: Identifying Viable Business Ventures

Reliance 360 Ltd, through its team of trained professionals in asset management, offers a valuable service of identifying viable businesses and stellar projects with promising profit forecasts. We connect these opportunities with potential business partners who are seeking funding. By carefully evaluating and selecting these ventures, we ensure that our partners have access to profitable investment opportunities.

Loan Facilitation: Accessing Ethical Financing

As a one-stop-shop for credible businesses, Reliance 360 Ltd assists in accessing ethical loans through Islamic financial instruments. We understand the importance of financing in business growth and development. Therefore, we facilitate loans that align with our clients’ ethical and financial requirements, ensuring their business ventures can thrive.

Transportation & Fleet Management: Efficient and Reliable Services

Reliance 360 Ltd takes pride in managing a fleet of over 40 dispatch riders and 15 vehicles for our members. We provide comprehensive services that encompass vehicle procurement, management, maintenance, and driver recruitment. By leveraging our expertise in transportation and fleet management, we offer efficient and reliable services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Oil and Gas: Facilitating Success in the Industry

With a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry, our professional team offers financial consultation and facilitation services. We specialize in connecting legitimate buyers and sellers while handling the technical complexities and variables involved in oil and gas transactions. Our commitment to prompt delivery and successful outcomes has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in this sector.

Agriculture: Supporting Sustainable Farming Practices

Recognizing the importance of agriculture and food security, Reliance 360 Ltd initiated the Agro-Fund Project in June 2022. This project, developed in partnership with Agrovest Cooperative Society, aims to provide funding and address the challenges faced by farmers in Nigeria. Our agricultural services include business development support, monitoring and evaluation, financing, and the supply of farm inputs along with training. We are dedicated to supporting small and large-scale farmers and promoting sustainable farming practices throughout Africa.

Real Estate: Facilitating Financing for Stellar Projects

Through our partnership with Ummah Capital Ltd, Reliance 360 Ltd provides financial solutions to members with outstanding real estate projects. We understand the importance of accessible financing in realizing realestate dreams. Our goal is to facilitate the financing process and enable individuals and businesses to access the necessary funds to bring their projects to life.

Partner Collaborations: Aiming for a Hospitality Hub

Reliance 360 Ltd believes in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships. One of our notable collaborations is with Arewa 360 Ltd, with the aim of creating a hospitality hub for Northern Nigeria. We have already initiated the establishment of Arewa Restaurant/Shayi Masters and have set our sights on building a shopping mall. Our vision is to create the biggest Arewa bazaar in Africa and the world, providing a vibrant space for businesses to thrive and showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Northern Nigeria.


Reliance 360 Ltd stands as a trusted financial partner, empowering businesses, and individuals through ethical financial solutions. With our wide range of services, including asset management, loan facilitation, transportation and fleet management, oil and gas consultation, agriculture support, and real estate financing, we cater to diverse needs and contribute to a stronger and sustainable economy. We are committed to promoting social responsibility and environmental stewardship, ensuring a brighter future for all.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I access Reliance 360 Ltd’s financial services?

To access our financial services, you can visit our website and fill out the contact form. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions.

Does Reliance 360 Ltd only offer services based on Islamic principles?

Yes, Reliance 360 Ltd is committed to providing financial solutions based on Islamic principles. We adhere to ethical practices and ensure that our services comply with Shariah guidelines.

Can Reliance 360 Ltd assist with funding for small-scale agricultural projects?

Absolutely! Our agricultural services include financing for both small and large-scale farming projects. We aim to support sustainable farming practices and contribute to food security in Nigeria.

What sets Reliance 360 Ltd apart from other financial institutions?

Reliance 360 Ltd distinguishes itself through its commitment to ethical financial solutions, collaborative partnerships, and a personalized approach to client needs. We strive to build long-term relationships and contribute to the success of our clients.

How can I stay updated on the latest news and offerings from Reliance 360 Ltd?

You can subscribe to our newsletter on our website to receive regular updates on our services, partnerships, and industry insights. Stay connected with us to explore the opportunities and benefits we offer.