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At Reliance 360 Ltd, we are committed to continuous study and advancement in the field of Islamic Finance. In this enlightening video, renowned expert Almir Colan provides a comprehensive explanation of Musharaka, an equity partnership in Islamic finance. The video, titled “Musharaka (Equity partnership) – Islamic Modes of Financing | Almir Colan,” can be accessed on Almir Colan’s YouTube channel at this link.

Understanding Musharaka: An Equity Partnership

Musharaka is a fundamental concept in Islamic finance that involves a partnership between two or more parties for a specific business venture. Almir Colan delves into the intricacies of Musharaka, exploring its principles, features, and applications. Through this video, viewers gain a deeper understanding of how Musharaka operates as an equity-based financing model within the framework of Islamic finance.

Musharaka (Equity partnership) – Islamic Modes of Financing | Almir Colan

To gain valuable insights from Almir Colan and enhance your understanding of Musharaka in Islamic finance, we encourage you to watch the full video on Almir Colan’s YouTube channel. Click here to access the video directly.


The video featuring Almir Colan provides an invaluable educational resource on Musharaka, an equity partnership in Islamic finance. By embedding this video into our article, we aim to enhance understanding and awareness of Musharaka among our readers. At Reliance 360 Ltd, we remain dedicated to studying and promoting ethical and sustainable financial solutions based on Islamic principles. Stay informed, broaden your knowledge, and explore the world of Islamic finance with us.

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