Global Impact and Leadership Award

We will train, mentor, finance youths across Africa, and award those who have performed excellently.

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The (GLOBAL IMPACT AND LEADERSHIP AWARD) is an initiative meant to recognize individuals, entrepreneurs, youth leaders that have made significant positive impact in their environment. Through this initiative, we will train, mentor, finance youths across Africa, and award those who have performed excellently. 

Prizes and Awards


  • Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand (N250,000)

  • Books


  • One Hundred and Fifty Thousand (N150,000)

  • Books


  • Seventy Thousand Naira (N70,000)

  • Books

Benefits of the Award

National recognition

Endorsement deals

Business partnerships

Education/ Research grants

Internship and Job placement

Training, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation

Stages of Application

Registration stage

  • Register

    All interested participants are required to register via our website ( and pay a registration fee of ThreeThousand Naira Only (N3,000).

  • Mail

    A mail would be sent to all participants informing them on the time for their training.

Online Training stage

  • Training in the areas of:

    ❖ Leadership
    ❖ Entrepreneurship
    ❖ Financial literacy

Examination & Certification stage

  • Examination

    An online examination will be conducted on our website for all participants.

  • Certificate

    At the end of the examination participants will receive their certificates after making Five Hundred Naira Only (N500) payment. (optional but recommended).

Pitching stage

  • 90 Sdeconds Video

    ❖If you are made the president of Nigeria, what will be your solution to poverty, insecurity, unemployment and unemployability.
    ❖Tell us a solution to a problem which you have identified in your community.
    ❖If you win the Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira grant from the GLOBAL IMPACT AND LEADERSHIP AWARD, how will you spend it?

Selection stage

  • Selection would be based on:

    ❖Active participation during the training.
    ❖Active participation during Mentorship.
    ❖Outstanding performance during the online examination and certification.
    ❖Outstanding performance during the online pitching.

Prize and Award stage

  • The Top Three winners would be awarded and gifted with prizes